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The Rules
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Posted 2016-09-02 1:31 AM (#7)
Subject: The Rules

Fujitsu 186

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Location: Hull, UK
Welcome to the forum!

This forum is a place for people who are interested in old computers, primarily MS-DOS related but we'd be happy to see discussion about Amiga, Atari or whatever you're interested in - even if you're one of those weird people who owns an old microcomputer... Actually, that's kinda cool.

A brief word of warning
This forum is not for children, not for those who are easily offended or those of an overly sensitive disposition. The Internet is not a part of your home and this forum is not a safe space, our only rule is common sense but much like a public street you may encounter people, ideas or opinions which you simply do not like. As a mature adult it is your responsibility to handle this situation rationally, you are completely free to turn away from the offending content. This forum supports freedom of speech and freedom of expression, this includes supporting the rights of those whom we may not agree with to also express themselves as they wish.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!"
- Evelyn Beatrice Hall

The Rules
As stated, the only real rule is common sense. Unlike some other forums on the Internet today we are not a dictatorship and the Administrators and Moderators shall play as minimal a role as possible. You could call the operational principal here a "Temperate Anarchy" as we do not like using our powers and it is the belief of the forum operator that the community can moderate itself; if you post something stupid, expect a backlash from the community but not a ban, not unless you really step out of line. Even harmless trolling is allowed when it is humorous, bullying however is not permitted at all and will be dealt with.

That aside, here's a breakdown of the more important points;

  • You are responsible for your own posts

    Your post does not necessarily represent the views of the community or server operator, we will support your right to say it but we might not agree with it. Any repercussions for overstepping some kind of line are your problem to deal with and the community and forum staff will not be held accountable for your actions. Similarly, we do our best to moderate the forum but have real lives that use most of our time, if you have a genuine issue with somebody's posts you can contact us about it.


  • Post in the correct forum

    There probably isn't a good reason to post about your Master System in a Windows forum... Though I'd very much like to hear about it if there was.


  • Exercise mutual respect for others

    At least, if you expect this in return. If you act like a dick we probably won't do anything, but nobody is going to throw you a rope when you're drowning in the backlash from the rest of the community. This does mean that you are allowed to call other people out if they do or say something stupid and they deserve it, hey, the guy shouldn't have put his tongue in an electrical outlet should he?


  • Do not post illegal material

    This forum is law abiding, it is bound by UK Law and most likely, your use of it is bound by your local laws. You must not post illegal content such as warez, abandonware or any content that infringes Copyright Law. We may be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you can provide satisfactory evidence, but if your content is found to be in violation of the law it shall be noted before being removed without warning whatever the offense. Again, this is your responsibility and we will co-operate with authorities if necessary. You are free to post legal torrents and file sharing links such as Linux distributions.


  • Swearing is permitted

    Provided you do not do so to insult or belittle other people who do not deserve it, remember, we all make mistakes from time to time. This forum is not a board meeting though, this is the real world and sometimes people cuss - sometimes it is the only way to adequately express your feelings towards something.


  • Don't post personal or sensitive information

    You should never post other people's information on this forum. You should also exercise caution when posting your own information, not only of whom this information will be available to but also as to what purpose that information might serve. Please bear in mind when posting anything sensitive or personal, even in a Private Message, that the forum is hosted on a public-facing server which does not encrypt this data. As such, the safety of your information cannot be guaranteed if you choose to post it anywhere on this service.


  • This is not a trading forum

    We do not permit public trading, selling or buying. You are free to post about eBay listings or those on other sites, in stores or anywhere that is not this forum however. Further more, please keep in mind that if you insist on trading privately using this board, the forum staff are not responsible for loss of possessions or money that may result from your trade. It is worth noting that the forum staff are able to read Personal Messages and whilst we prefer not to, we might be in a position where it has to be done if the victim of a foul trade attempts to seek legal repercussions against the offender and the authorities request this information. Also, as noted in the above Personal Information rule, this service does not encrypt your data and it is definitely advisable to take trades to services which do such as eBay, AmiBay or other reputable sites.


  • Violence, Nudity, Gore and Drugs are permitted

    You may post such content provided it is in the appropriate General Discussion board. You must start your thread title with a tag such as [NSFW], [DRUGS] or [PORN] for example to warn people who may not want to see such things, or people who are not in a place where viewing such content is appropriate. People viewing the forum at work or in the company of their partner or children probably do not want to see idiots fighting or leather-clad women doing nasty things. Be warned, if you post something disgusting or stupid it should be no surprise if your thread meets less than a warm welcome or falls off the bottom of the board page never to return. Otherwise, you are free to talk about your infatuation with fat grandmas putting cigarettes out on the bottom of your foot - I doubt this thread would be popular. You may express your views on the legal status of a drug, even your use of it provided you never encourage other people to use it - it's your body so you can do what you like with it, just don't expect others to do it as well. You can also talk about that bar fight you recorded after your mate spilled that biker's drink and got his skull caved in. Any post found to contain illegal assets will be removed as noted above.


  • This forum is English speaking

    It may seem ignorant, but we only speak English here. We may be lenient if you meet somebody else with whom you share a language and wish to greet them in your own tongue, but all public messages should generally be kept in English otherwise. An agreeable level of spelling and grammar is desirable, but remember to go easy on non-native English speakers if their spelling and grammar is not up to par, they are probably trying their best. Always remember that the Internet is an International platform and this forum welcomes people of any nationality, from any background, if they wish to join our discussion. We can learn a lot if we concentrate on what we share, our common interests, rather than where we differ.


  • Discrimination and Bullying is prohibited

    This is one of the few offences that will lead to direct intervention by the forum staff. In short, we don't care where you're from, what color your skin is, what you look like or anything like that. All we care about is what you have to offer the community and we hope you enjoy your time here. There is no reason to ruin another person's time on this forum because they talk differently to you, have a disability, are of a different race, religious view, another sexual orientation or different reproductive organs to you. These things should simply not matter in today's world, especially on the Internet.


  • Remember, debate is good

    As mature adults, we might not always agree and this is good, you can learn a lot from a friendly debate. As an example, you may not like the same processor as someone else and, at the same time, they also might not like the one you would use in its place. Instead of mindless blind yelling, you could talk about why you reached the conclusions you did, it may turn out you had completely different usage cases for the hardware in question. It might even come to be that you learn something you never knew about your preferred processor when researching your argument, it also isn't entirely unlikely that you will learn something you never previously knew about their preferred processor too. Furthermore, you're learning more about someone else in the community, you may even find that you like talking to these people despite the fact you don't agree on everything. This is the nature of a discussion, the subject progresses as you go along, there are different views put forward, facts are researched and brought to the discussion. Just a few examples. Brilliant, isn't it?

Most importantly, have fun. Rock on!
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