Dx2-80 Build - "The Dextor"
Posted 2017-10-01 11:43 AM (#999)
Subject: Dx2-80 Build - "The Dextor"

TM Crusoe

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I did a rebuild of my Dx2-80. Stripped it completely down, and put it back together.
The two main goals, were an upgrade from a Goldstar VLB controller to the Pine PT-627 controller that I got this week.
And I needed to straighten out the case further, as it was still bent to the point were cards were hard to install.
Managed to complete the build and do some benchmarking. The rebuild it self, took some 4.5 hour from start to finish.
And one hour additionally for benchmarking. I have made a complete LOG of the rebuild on Vogons.
It is a long multi-post, so I will not write it all here again. I will link though.... And I have uploaded all pictures to Google drive.

Pictures on Google Drive
Tread on Vogons...

All I can say, is that I have used these following parts, that I have listed below in this tread.
And I am really happy that the end result is a 1989 to 1993 machine.
That time period was something that I was aiming at, directly, and it looks like a succeded in doing that.


- Abit AH4T Rev-1.2 128kb-Cache (Voltage regulator, can run Dx4's)
- Amd 486dx2-80 CPU with a brand new cooler.
- Two sticks of 8mb 72-Pin Ram
- Seagate 16gb U10 Harddrive.
- Spea Mirage (not shure what exact model) S3-805-Vlb VGA Card
- Pine PT-627 Vlb Controller.
- Creative Labs SB16/Vibra16 CT-2890 that has an OPL Chip.

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