Happy new year.....
Posted 2023-01-01 7:07 PM (#2435)
Subject: Happy new year.....

TM Crusoe

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I hope everyone had a nice evening. With friends or loved ones. I hope people had a blast with food and drinks....

As for me, I was mainly in the kitchen. And I only managed to grab one picture of the food. It was the starter, before taking pictures became irellevant because of how busy cooking got.

This starter were a bit of fine sliced iceberg salad. Then some smoked salmon. Some homemade tuna mouse. Then some crayfish tails. Some shrimps. A bit of mayo with some fish egg's on top. Those egg's are not from the sturgen, but made like caviar and way cheaper. I used a blob of mayo to "glue" the egg's on top. Finally some asparegus as well. I served some ciabatta baguette on the side. As well as a dressing, made from sourcream, fresh lime juice, black pepper, garlic, sugar and salt. (dressing and bread not on the picture)

Main serving, were red beef roasted in the oven. With baked root's (carrots, onions and so on) that were mixed with thyme, oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Boiled potatoes and a redwine gravy.

Dessert were blueberry milkshake with whipped cream on top and a sugar conserved cherry on top. Cold, fresh and slightly sweet.


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